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Samoyed History 
Samoyed; The People and Their Dog by Gregory Alan Newell
Samoyed History
Samoyed: The Versatile Beauty by Kent and Donna Dannen
The Samoyed

Samoyed Links
SCA Samoyed Club of America  
AKC Samoyed Breed Standard
Beauty and Brains in a Fur Coat
Test Your Knowledge About Samoyeds  
Subscribe to The Samoyed Quarterly
WVSF  Willamette Valley Samoyed Fanciers  Oregon
SCWS  Samoyed Club of Washington State
Samfans      Email list for Samoyed fanciers  
Refrigerator Door   Lots of great Sam pix!
Samoyed Breed Information
Mystery Samoyeds 
Blitzen Samoyeds  
WhiteStar Samoyeds  Another great Super Site! 
Mytee Samoyeds   

Stormcloud Samoyeds
Keanani Samoyeds Check out Lory's cool custom pet bowls!
Mirage Samoyeds    Health Links
Alpine Wolf Samoyeds    
Alta Samoyeds  
Shadow-Wood Samoyeds  
Dynasty Samoyeds  Grooming information
Samadhi Samoyeds 
Cascade Samoyeds
Whitecotton Samoyeds
Northfork Samoyeds   
Polar Spirit Kennel  (France)
White Smiling Beauty (Netherlands)
Oakbrook Samoyeds  
Samoyed Rescue
Northwest Samoyed Rescue 
Samoyed Rescue
The Senior Dogs Project
Idaho Humane Society Boise
Montana Pets on the Net   
Is A Samoyed For You?
Canadian Samoyed Rescue
Samoyed Breeders.Org
Samoyed Breed FAQS
Responsible Pet Ownership
Samoyed Breed Information
Test Your Knowledge About Samoyeds  



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Fun Sam Links
Sasha's World  Meet Sasha's Guest Sammies 
Refrigerator Door

General Dog Links
Robins FYI
Lost or stolen pets
Samoyed Lost and Found
Missing Pet Network
Lost pets
Training Links
The Well Mannered Dog
Who's The Boss
Multiple Dogs
Living With More Than One Dog
Canadian Samoyed Rescue Lots of training & grooming information
Crate Training   From Dynasty Samoyeds
How To Groom A Samoyed  More info from Dynasty Samoyeds
Working Dogs
Introducing Several Pets
The Settle Command  
Handling On Lead Aggression
Dog Training & Solutions Booklets by Dr Ian Dunbar
Sirius Puppy Training  by Dr Ian Dunbar
The Dog Who Loved Too Much  by Nicholas H. Dodman
Therapy Pets, A Volunteer Organization for Animal-Assisted Therapy
The Importance of Obedience Training
Avoiding Dog Bites


Canine Tributes
The Dogs Who Saved Their Masters
Tribute To A Dog
Dave Roth's Tribute to Trickster
Rainbow Bridge
Travel Links
Travel With Pets
Hotel and Motel Listings
On The Road Again With Man's Best Friend
Take Your Pet
Show Information
A Beginner's Guide To Dog Show
The Glossary of Dog Show Lingo
AKC Annually Licensed Superintendents
Ace Mathews
Show Equipment
UPCO catalog
Cherrybrook catalog
The Show Dog Super Site
Miscellaneous Links
Barbara Osgood Designs Great Hair bows!

Big Planet Internet Products and Services
Warbonnet Brittanys
White Wolf Web Design Do you need your web site designed?

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