This is an informational site only.  It is up to you, the viewer, to do the research and decide what is best for your pet.

Your pets health, vitality and longevity depend a great deal on what it is fed because good health begins on the inside. Don't be misled by TV and print ads.  The companies that can afford such advertising don't care about your dog's health; they only care about profits.  These companies use "by-products" which are not fit for human consumption and claim that is is "wholesome".  These companies are usually owned by huge corporations who at best use leftover human food in the dog food they make and at worst, use contaminated, rancid ingredients that can also be cancerous. 

Most veterinarians take no classes on nutrition.  Hill's donates mega bucks to veterinary colleges which is why many if not most vets blindly recommend Hill's Science Diet foods.  I will not feed such food to my dogs, not even their prescription formulas.  Why?  Because they contain BHA, BHT and/or Ethoxyquin as preservatives.  Ethoxyquin is a rubber hardener and BHA/BHT are suspected carcinogens.  It makes no sense to me to use such preservatives in a food that is made for animals who already have compromised systems. 

I'll write more of my own views later, but for now visit the following web sites to learn what is in highly advertised dog foods owned by huge corporations:

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Many if not most vets tell pet owners never to feed raw meat, much less bones to their pets.  While there are risks involved with feeding raw food and bones, the risk of feeding a kibble made with poor ingredients can be much more deadly and more costly in the form of vet bills.  Most vets tell pet owners never to feed human food to their pets. Although pets should not have certain human foods such as onions or chocolate which are toxic, feeding table scraps in moderation is not a bad thing.  All animals need some fresh food and those who feed kibble alone are depriving their companions of needed nutrients. All dog foods lose nutrients by the cooking process, and there is no such thing as a "complete, balanced diet".   It is my opinion that vets make such statements so they can make a profit by both the sale of the dog foods they carry and the continued vet visits due to skin, coat, allergy and other all too common, yet often avoidable ailments.


Would YOU eat what you feed your pet?

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