Meet "The Critters"


 Porshia Of The Polar Mist

Porshia at 5 months Porshia swimming with a stick Porshia & Brutus in deep snow


Porshia was our first Sam and boy did she teach me about the wonderful, silly and often times frustrating ways of the Samoyed!  We got her as a companion for our Springer spaniel Brutus and they were best buddies for10 years. He taught her that they could escape from the yard and she in turn showed him how many ways there were to do it!  Both loved to go cross country skiing with us and Brutus of course loved to swim. He would get Porshia so excited that she would jump in the water before she realized what she had done. I love the picture of her trying to swim without getting her tail wet. Brutus put up with a lot from Porshia as she frequently chewed on his ears, did the "Sammy Slam" into him while playing and even bull dogged him to the ground by his ears while on a dead run through the snow.  (Brutus passed on in 1996 at age 14 and Porshia in 2002, 1 1/2 months shy of her 17th birthday.) 



Age 6 Age 9
Porshia age 4 Porshia age 9


Chewing bones is Porshia's second favorite pastime. She howls her morning greeting while holding one of her treasured bones in her mouth. But, food comes first! She "tells" me at least an hour ahead when it is time for her breakfast and dinner. She barks and nudges various human body parts until her humans begin food preparation. We sometimes think she should have been named Hoover.


Thumper Sassy Maker
Silver Fox Arcitc Thunder aka Thumper 'Her Majesty'  Sassy Maker playing by a pool


Cruz Violet
 Cruz AKA "The Cruz Monster" Silver Fox Plum Devilish





Critters at play...

Khalua & her kitty Dirty Sassy the day before a show! Fuller talkin' back


Maker and a pup Cruz & Ella at play Pups exploring the kitchen Sas & Thump on crates looking out the window


Cruz on his couch Yukon sleeping on a bone



Devil Dogs
Khalua in devil costume Tazz in Halloween costume


Higher Learning
Kobi obedience grad


Lets go!
Kodi in a sweater Haley leaving for his new home





A Christmas Smile
Tazz and Santa


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