We appreciate your taking the time to complete and return the following questionnaire.  These questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way. Detailed information regarding your lifestyle and experience with dogs helps us in selecting the right puppy for you and your family. Incomplete applications will be disregarded. 


Applicant Name:                                      Occupation:                Age:


Co-Applicant Name:                                 Occupation:                Age:


Street Address:


Mailing Address:        


Phone: (H)                (W)                 (Cell)


E-Mail: (H)               (W)                  Fax: (H)           


Do you currently own any other Samoyeds?  Male/Female    Spayed/Neutered     If so, how many?


Where  did you acquire this dog(s).


Have you owned dogs before?  Yes   No         If Yes, what breeds? 

What happened to them?

What attracts you to the Samoyed breed?   

What do you know about their personality traits?

Are you aware that Samoyeds shed their coats at times?            Yes      No

Do you mind frequent grooming and vacuuming?

Do you have children?  If not, what would happen to the dog if a baby arrives?


Do you prefer a male or a female?        Why?


If the sex you prefer is not available, will you accept a puppy of the opposite sex?


What specific traits do you want in a Samoyed?


Do you intend to breed this Samoyed?


Do you currently own any other pets?     Dog?    Age?    Spayed/Neutered?   Breed:

Other pets?    What Types?


Have you ever had a dog put to sleep?


Have you returned an animal from where you purchased/acquired it?  If yes, why?

Have you taken an obedience class?   If yes, where?


Do you have any plans to work your dog in obedience, agility, rally, packing, sledding, weight pull or therapy?


Will you be willing to go to obedience classes?  Puppy Kindergarten?


Do you have a fenced yard or kennel run?   If not, how do you plan to safely confine and exercise your dog outdoors?


Will your pet be mainly an indoor or outdoor dog?


Are you looking for a dog as a gift for someone else?

Please describe your family and lifestyle and activities you enjoy.

Does your entire family want to get a puppy?


What would you do with your pet if you had to move from your present location?


What do you know about dog crates?


Are you:  Married     Single    Divorced    Separated    Widowed    Live w/  parent  or relative    Live w/ other        How long?                


Do you have plans to move soon?


Number of children in household and/or who visit on a regular basis:          Ages:


Have these children been exposed to dogs before?   Please explain.

Do you:   Rent     Own          If renting, please state name and contact information for landlord:

Is this a    House     Apartment       Townhouse    Condo          Other

What type of area do you live in?     City     Suburb         Subdivision           Country


Is your yard completely and securely  fenced?      Yes    No     Fence type and height:


If you don't have a fence, where will the puppy be exercised and allowed to eliminate?


Do you have a swimming pool?    If yes, is it completely fenced in?


Does your home have air conditioning?      Basement?       Cool garage?         Other


Do you have a deck?     How high off of the ground is it?         Railing?    If so, what type?


Please provide photos of your house, (with address clearly visible on the front of the house) yard fence and dog area. If application is sent by email, please send photos as attachments.  If sent by USPS, mail to P.O. Box 1172, McCall, Idaho  83638

Where will the puppy be kept during the DAY?     Please check all that apply:

Inside    Outside   In Yard     Loose   Kennel     Garage   Basement    Crate     Other

Where will the puppy be kept at NIGHT? Please check all that apply:

Inside   Outside     Crate    Loose    Kennel    Garage    Basement     Other

On average, how many hours each day will the puppy be left alone?


Do you work full time?     Can someone let the puppy out for play at intervals?


Who will have the primary responsibility to care for your puppy/dog?

Will you allow us or a person we designate to visit your home?   Yes    No              If No, why not?

If you move, what will you do with the dog?

How else have you tried to obtain a Samoyed?

How did you learn about us?

Do you have a current veterinarian?   May we contact them for a reference?  If yes, please state name, address and phone number.


When this puppy is purchased as a family companion and is not going to be bred, do you agree to have it spayed or neutered at an age appropriate for the puppy's development and health? (We no longer support EARLY spay neuter due to health issues. Ask us for the veterinary studies that outline the health risks.)


EVERYTHING ELSE!!! This is the place where you can tell us everything else you would like to, and ask us questions!


Thank you for your interest in Silver Fox Samoyeds. 

 Please copy and paste the application and send it to